Computer Technology

The focus in all technology classes is Online safety and proper procedures for using equipment and software. The Acceptable Use Policy outlines the expectations for online behavior, and each student should have a signed copy on file for each technology class he or she is enrolled.

Classroom Expectations should stress the Bobcat Core Values:






All lessons are aligned with the FLDOE Sunshine State Standards and meet the National Educational Technology Standards as set forth by ISTE.

Courses available at Bridgewater Middle School:


ICT-2 Information, Communication & Technology Essentials-2 9009120

ICT-3 Information, Communication & Technology Essentials -3 9009130

DIT Digital Information Technology 8207310

For all of the ICT classes students can earn Digital Tools certificates in the following areas:

  • Gaming Essentials
  • Programming & Logic Essentials
  • Database Essentials
  • Web Design Essentials
  • Multimedia Essentials
  • Computing Essentials
  • Communications Essentials
  • Cybersecurity Essentials
  • Spreadsheet Essentials

Classes are meant to be taken in succession with ICT-2 in 7th grade; and either ICT-3 or DIT as an 8th grader.

Computer Technology

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