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Welcome to the Bridgewater Middle School Physical Education webpage. We are excited for yet another successful and fun year with your student(s). Please take a few moments to read and review the following information regarding the physical education program at Bridgewater Middle school.  Our goal is to make the physical education setting one of an exciting, positive, fun, challenging, and educational place where students look forward to participating. We will accomplish this by incorporating a variety of activities into the curriculum including traditional sport, skill development, life-long activities, and fitness. All students will be given the opportunity to be involved in activities which expand and educate the mind, as well as, the body. It is our intention to make the physical education experience as rewarding for our students as it is for me as an educator.  In addition to the physical development of our students, I strive to teach aspects of education such as teamwork, cognitive development, social skills, and character development needed to be productive members of our schools and our society. Activities that will enrich the students experience in P.E. are: Basketball, Frisbee Golf, Softball, Soccer, Tennis, Track/Field, Volleyball, Weight Room exercises, and Dance (6th graders only). Other activities will be decided by the teacher as they see fit. During these activities the student will gain knowledge and understanding about sportsmanship and Team/Individual play. All students will be tested at the end of the semester Common Final Exam (CFE) and this grade will be averaged into their final semester grade.


If this does not sound like the physical education experience you had as a youth, then you are probably correct. We are trying to get away from all of the traditional sport and game activities that have caused many students to lose interest in physical education classes. Instead we are implementing innovative teaching strategies and activities to make each student's experience positive. All students are asked to participate to the best of their abilities while involved in physical education classes. An emphasis is put on personal development and growth rather than the competitive aspects and social comparisons, which may have been stressed in PE programs of the past.

We request your help in making your student(s) physical education experience as safe and as enjoyable as possible.  Students must be dressed for class in clothes appropriate for movement and activity. Gym shoes are required to participate as they allow students to be safe while being active, along with a Bridgewater shirt and any type of athletic shorts. Students can purchase uniforms from our P.E. department, we sell both shorts/shirt for the price of $20.00 for the set, or $10.00 per unit (Shirt or Short); either cash or checks.  This is our way of raising funds to purchase equipment for the department during the years as equipment does need to be replaced from time to time.  Students can also purchase Bridgewater shirts through our PTSO at our Spirit store by the cafeteria on Fridays; they accept cash, checks, or credit cards.  


As a classroom management concern, no student will be permitted to use or possess cell phones or any other electronic devices are prohibited in class unless instructed by the teacher. If students are found to have cell phone/electronic devices on their body while in class the first time will be a redirection to place all items inside of the locker or book bags. Lockers are also an option to secure items. Lockers are assigned to all students the first week of school; you must purchase your own combination lock to secure all personal items. Please no key locks are allowed!

Dress out days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; Wednesday will be classroom assignment (do not dress out) unless instructed by the teacher. On classroom days all students are required to have a 2 inch, 3 ring binders for classroom work, work assignments and other handout materials. Students are allowed to have clear water bottles, sunblock and hats when participating outside.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the PE instructors during their planning hours or before school starts  Office hours are 8:45-9:15 a.m. and during the planning periods. Thank you.

Aaron Bentley

Athletic Coordinator

PE Department Chair

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