Science Department

Science is all around us! Science can have a tremendous impact on your life. The teachers at Bridgewater Middle School hope that our students will respect science and maybe even begin to think about having a career in which science is a part of their lives.


Safety is always a primary concern at Bridgewater Middle School.  All students will be signing a Safety Contract in their science class. A copy of the contract is located below and is available in English and Spanish.


Science at Bridgewater is a hands-on experience.  During the year your child will be participating in many experiments that require a lot of supplies.  We ask that you consider donating to the Science Department to help defray the cost of those supplies.  A letter explaining the program can be found below.

6th Grade Comprehensive Science I/Advanced

Students will learn about the scientific classification of living and non-living organisms, structure and function of cells, plants, animals, and the human body. Students will use microscopes in their study of microscopic organisms, and have the opportunity to dissect organisms.  They will also learn about the habitats and ecosystems around them.

7th Grade Comprehensive Science II/Advanced/ Earth Space Honors

Students will learn about space, geology, plate tectonics, geologic time, weather, and climate. Students will use many types of science equipment and manipulatives to simulate conditions in the earth that cause plate movements, rock formation, and weather conditions on Earth and in space. **The honors classes receive one high school credit for taking class while still in middle school. **

 8th Grade Comprehensive Science III/Advanced/ Physical Science Honors

Physical Science. Students will learn about electricity, magnetism, properties of matter, energy, friction, speed, mass and volume, light, and the periodic table. Students will use several lab based activities to teach the concepts of physics and chemistry. **The honors classes receive one high school credit for taking class while still in middle school. **

 Statewide Science Assessment (FCAT 2.0)

Each year the 8th Grade students will take a comprehensive science exam that tests the 4 areas of Science: Nature of Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Physical Science.  The teachers of Bridgewater Middle School provide enriching lessons that align to the state standards.    The 8th Grade teachers also work hard in the review process to prepare your student.  Parents at home can assist their students by helping them with reviewing content, and using the helpful links provided.


Classroom Safety Contract - English

Classroom Safety Contract - Spanish

Lab Donation Letter

OCLS Science Homework Resources
Source: Orange County Library System