Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • Car drop-off for all students is located at the front of the school.
  •  Follow the direction of staff in the parking loop area.
  •  Please put your cell phones down.
  • Pull forward as far as possible in the loop, well past the front office. This allows more cars to unload at the same time.
  •  Arrival procedures begin at 9:00 am. Supervision is not available at the front of the school before this time. - Students arriving earlier than 9:00 a.m. will be encouraged to join the morning YMCA (see below).
  • Please avoid dropping your student off in the street. This is not a safe practice.
    Walking and biking students should cross at the crosswalk at the school entrance.
  • Students are expected to walk skateboards and bikes once on campus –
  • Skateboards and bikes should be secured within the bike gate at the front of the school - The school is not responsible for lost or stolen property
  • Bus riders arrive at school in the bus loop.
  • The OCPS transportation department provides buses: click on this link to find your bus route:
  • If you have questions or concerns about transportation, click here:
  • We do expect significant delays to occur on a regular basis as there continues to be a shortage of drivers.

  • Car pick-up for all students is located at the front of the school.
  •  Follow the same procedures as morning arrival. 
  •   Students still waiting for their car 30 minutes after dismissal will be directed to the afternoon YMCA.
  •  Walking and biking students should leave campus immediately
  •  Students are expected to walk their bikes and skateboards off-campus

Bus riders 

We expect significant delays with after-school busing. We have been told that buses will not begin to arrive on campus until 4:35 pm. We ask that ALL bus riders sign up for the afternoon YMCA (see below) so they can access homework help and clubs while waiting for transportation to arrive. Please Note: OCPS Transportation is not an entity of Bridgewater Middle School.

YMCA We encourage all families to sign their Bridgewater student up for the YMCA. All clubs, after-school tutoring, and activities, with the exception of competitive sports, will be run through the YMCA. Your student must be signed up in order to participate. YMCA is offered from 7:00 – 9:00 am daily for those students who need to arrive early, and from 4:00 - 6:00 pm in the afternoon. Check-in for the YMCA takes place in the Media Center.
Sign up online: