Athletic Director: Lydida Cason
Contact at [email protected] 

Welcome to Bridgewater Middle School Athletics!


Thank you for your interest in the BMS athletic program. Middle school athletics is open to all students. It is not affiliated with the PE department. It is a competitive atmosphere with a limited number of players chosen per team. We compete against other schools within our cluster in hopes of progressing towards Championship games and titles. Participants must have a current school sports physical on file prior to tryout dates and a GPA of 2.0. Please have all of the proper documentation prior to attending the tryouts for the sport you are interested in playing. You must register using

You can find information regarding sport schedules, tryouts, practices, games, Coaches and frequently asked questions (FAQ) here on the athletics page. You may also also reach out to the Athletics Director using the following: Lydida Cason (
[email protected]) for any information that is not shown.

The Physical Packet has been updated for the 2023-2024 school year. This packet MUST be correctly completed by a physician and contain parent signatures for a student to be eligible for any OCPS sport. Middle School students are not required to have an ECG. A new physical packet must be completed every year for each student.

OCPS Middle School Athletics Schedule
2023-2024 Annual Sports Form

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Tryout Information:

Soccer: August 15, 16, 17 – Soccer Field - Boys 7:30 AM, Girls 4:15 PM (3:15 Wed) Practice times will be determined by the Coaches

Volleyball: October 11, 12. 13 – Gym - Girls 7:30 AM, Boys 4:15 PM (3:15 Wed) Practice times will be determined by the Coaches

Basketball: January 10, 11, 12 – Gym -Girls 7:30 AM, Boys 4:15 PM (3:15 Wed) Practice times will be determined by the Coaches

Track & Field: February 26-27 – Sprinting Events, Feb 28 - Distance Events, Feb 29 – Field – Track - Events Boys and girls 4:15 PM (3:15 Wed) Practice times will be determined by the Coaches

Ticket Prices:

Adults- $5
Students (6 and up)- $2
Entrance into any Championship game- $7


What does my child need to bring to tryouts? Every student will need to dress according to the specific sport and bring proper personal equipment i.e. shin guards, mouth guards, knee pads etc. The school will distribute jerseys for team members to wear during the season.

Does my student need to have prior experience? Middle school athletics is highly competitive. Each student should be aware that they will be in competition with others who may have prior experience. The Coach will choose those who will best benefit the team.

Does my child have to attend all 3 days of tryouts? Yes, during tryout days, Coaches evaluate and make cuts.

Where can I find the physical form? The School Sports Physical packet can be found on Bridgewater’s website. It is located under the Athletics tabThis packet is different from the annual checkup and shots record.

Can my child participate without the physical form being turned in?  No. This is an OCPS policy and it protects the student, Coach and school.

What time/days per week are practices? Practice times are set by each individual Coach as well as how many days per week practice will be held. That information will be communicated as it is updated. Practice slot times are 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM M-F. 

How do I submit the form? Go to create a profile, complete and submit the forms.

Can I submit the forms in person? No. All packets are to be submitted online no later than 48 hours prior to the tryout dates.

What will happen if I have already submitted the form in person? You will still need to create a profile in and the paperwork will be returned to you so you can upload it.

Do I need to turn in a new physical packet for each sport? No. The physical is good for one year, 365 days after the date displayed on the physical signed by the doctor.

How will my child know when tryouts will take place? As the time frame for the sport approaches, announcements will be made via Bobcat News, as well as on the morning/afternoon announcements. The athletics tab on the school website has all sports schedules and a student interest meeting will be announced prior to tryouts. You can always email the Athletic Director listed on the website for further information/clarification.

Does my child need to have an ECG/EKG? No. The ECG is for high school students only.