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Media Center Rules

  1. The Media Center hours will be 9:00 to 4:15, and help will always be
  2. The library will be a QUIET LEARNING zone.
  3. Students will need to have their school ID with them at all times.
  4. Before school, the library will be open for book check out, research and computer use without a pass.
  5. During school hours, a pass will always be required.

Library Checkout

  1. Book checkout will be for 3 weeks with fines being accrued at .05 a day for each day late.
  2. Magazine checkout will be for 1 week.


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Licensed Music for Educational Use
Using the site above, you can search for music that can be used in presentations or assignments. If you find something you would like to use, please contact your teacher.
Sunshine State Books 6-8th Grade